Sneaky Ways Casinos Secretly Get More Of Your Money

Casinos Secret

Casinos have a unique talent of taking out many which come from the casinos trying to find a subtle way to force us to spend more than we have planned. Here are some sneaky ways they are taking away our money.


Partial Wins and slots sounds

This is one of the best ways to casinos make you things that you have won when you have lost. When you put a $1 bill in the machine, and you get to win back $0.40 the sound effects that is played later tricks you into thinking that you have had a win instead of focusing on the siam sport news aspect that you have just suffered a tremendous loss. The only problem here is the sound effect you can easily make sure that you cut the sound effects and try to focus your attention into winning rather than the sound effects or the lights.


The only reason that the casino offers you free drinks is to make sure that you are moved by them and gain loyalty and also, which allows you to win something extra. Comps include alcohol, free meals, show tickets, buffet passes, gaming vouchers and free hotel stays. Even with a loss, you will still be burdened, and you will want to come to the same ข่าวกีฬาสยาม casino. The one things you need to realise is that the casino will not provide you with any comps until and unless you are profiting for them. Try to make sure that you have fun but try not to forget that you are still going to gamble and lose at your potential winning.

Curved Hallways in Casino

Most of us do not realise that when you enter the casino, there are curved hallways which allow people to reconsider the decision. This can easily lead a person to return to the point when they started. It is important that you are self-aware and understand the areas well before you go ahead for another round. Try to know that all of these tricks are to entice you to keep on playing.

Playground design

Casinos do not just randomly have the tables games places. They have put a lot of effort into it to make sure that these games are easily available when one needs them. This is one of the most popular concepts which can depart the person and make him feel confused and trapped in the casino. The main idea behind the playground design is to make sure that person feels wealth and bets big. It is important that you realise that casinos are a place to enjoy well-lighted, luxurious venues which can keep everyone on a high just due to their confusing environment.

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