Six Rules of Casinos That You Cannot Break

Rules of Casinos

Going to casinos can be fun, but there are several rules and etiquettes that casinos strictly follow. Just like pubs, there are some limits inside casinos as it offers gambling as well as alcoholic beverages. You need to be careful of breaking these rules as it can get your kicked out of the casino in no time. When you want to spend some good time playing casino games without being disturbed by the staff or your fellow gamblers, check these rules คา สิ โน สด.

Dress Code

While some casinos are lenient on the dress code, some casinos have distinct dressing rules. You can be asked to wear formal shirts in some of the casinos. You can either come wearing a shirt or look for another casino which is more comfortable with your fashion. No matter what, do not be too inappropriately flashy as it can block your entry at the main gate itself.

Drinking moderately

While you will be offered free drinks time to time while you are at a บาคาร่าสด game table, do not take advantage of it. Have a control over your drinking and enjoy the complimentary drinks. If you really want the freed drinks to come faster, tip the waitresses to let them know. You can always buy drinks from the bar if you want more.

Mobile phones not allowed

Casinos strictly ban the use of cellphones during the games. Put your phone on silent when you are at the table and avoid taking any calls as your opponents will get distracted. Casinos sometimes also not permit taking pictures inside the playrooms, so before you take out your phone for a selfie, ask a staff member for the permit.

Cashing out the chips

Do not take the chips away from the table. If you want to leave the table, ask the dealer to cash in your chips. Taking the chips away from the table is considers a false practice. You can get questioned for doing so and may not even receive your money if you break the rule.

Do not touch the chips of other players

Do not try to take or touch other people’s chips. Not only are you invading into their property, but also giving the cons to accuse you of stealing their chips. To avoid these unnecessary troubles, always mind your own chips.

Tipping the dealer

It is a rule only professionals know. Tipping the dealer is not doing favour. It is a code which every professional player follow. The dealer performs several tasks at the table from dealing the cards to managing the chips to taking care of the players. Their salary does not reflect the effort they put at the tables every day, which is why every player is bound to tip them in between the games as well as while leaving the table 3win2u thailand.

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